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When someone wants to launch a new Web domain today, they often wonder about the kind of top-level domain suffix they’ll get. Clearly, everyone wants the legitimacy (and memorability) that they believe a dot com will bring their website. When they can’t get one, they try to settle for what they think, is second rate – a .net, a .us or something like it. With the Internet running out of enough Web addresses for everyone, the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (or the ICANN) has decided to do something rather drastic about the problem. It’s announced that it doesn’t just consider the prefix to be user definable from now on. They’re bringing that ability to the suffix as well. It doesn’t have to be whatever.com anymore; it can be whatever.whatever. Whatever cause you have, brand you have, hobby, crazy idea or anything else, you can now legitimize it on the Internet with a top-level domain suffix that’s named after it. Why, you could have your own name right there instead of a.com.

The Internet system that put the whole limited choice suffix protocol into practice was formulated about 27 years ago (even if people didn’t start using the Internet up until 15 or 16 years ago). This has been the first time they’ve made a major change that runs so deep. It’s a whole new era for the Internet. Now this doesn’t mean that every cyber squatter can get out there and register a thousand important-sounding suffixes in their name and try their hand at profiteering by selling them at a great profit. A .com address today costs just a few dollars to buy and maintain. The really attractive novelty addresses will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy and maintain.

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