Web Marketing All-in-One For Dummies

Build an online presence for your business with web marketing

Why buy several books on web marketing when you can buy just one? With this must-have resource, five marketing professionals team up to share their expertise in the field of web marketing so that you can benefit from their know-how. Covering everything from site building, search engine optimization, and web analytics to online advertising, e-mail marketing, and harnessing the potential of social media, this team of web marketing gurus brings their insight and experience to the table and it’s yours for the taking.

  • Provides invaluable advice for establishing a web presence and getting your message out with online advertising
  • Zeroes in on search engine optimization so that your site can be discovered by search engines and, ultimately, consumers
  • Explains how web analytics can offer you a better understanding of your web marketing efforts
  • Details ways to establish an online voice with blogging and podcasting
  • Walks you through the potential of social media marketing with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
  • Looks at various options for getting your message onto mobile platforms

Web Marketing All in One For Dummies, 2nd Edition shows you how to get your online name out there so that customers can find you easily.

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2 Responses to Web Marketing All-in-One For Dummies

  1. Joseph Kerschbaum "octoberpoems" says:

    You Won’t Be a Dummy after Reading This Tome This book really does have it all. The cover isn’t lying when it says, “8 Books in 1.” The actual physical size of the book may same daunting, but don’t be afraid. This simply means that it’s jam-packed with awesome information (and you get more bang for your buck!). The reason this tome is so immense is because the authors have done a great job pulling together a comprehensive playbook for web marketers.Not only is this book epic because it addresses 8 mission-critical topics for a successful web marketing campaign, but it covers each topic with expertise and actionable insights. You would be hard-pressed to find better content on these web marketing strategies any where.Go ahead. Pick up a copy now. You will absolutely learn a ton from this book.

  2. M. Simmonds "marshalls93" says:

    Web Marketing…I didn’t think I was a dummy! I’ve been in Internet Marketing for nearly 16 years and was pretty sure I had the hang of it all. Enter Web Marketing for Dummies. Clearly there were things I did NOT know which goes to show you’re always learning. Ian Lurie’s section on search engine optimization was a stellar example of what’s necessary after pushing the publish button. I recommend this book to anyone who’s in Internet Marketing as a reference guide or how-to because you don’t know everything and these guys aren’t dumb.

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