The Right Idea about Small Business Web Design

As the owner of a small business, you know that the odds are against you. There are always competitors who are better equipped and who have better resources. Your website happens to be one of the few areas of your venture where you have absolute control over how the public perceives you. The typical small business web design attempt though shows a shocking level of blindness to this. Is your welcome screen really that welcoming? Let’s take a deeper look.

Look at some of the most successful small business web design examples. They don’t usually employ elegant design devices. That should be your main clue. People arrive at the website of a small business not to be entertained with fun Flash presentations. Those things waste time and draw attention to themselves and not your business. For all the time that gets put into elegant or captivating visual devices, they really don’t achieve anything for the business at hand. If there is anything that needs to be done about the design of a website, it has to be all about whatmakes it intuitive and easy for the visitor to find the information he comes looking for. A website is actually only a fancy way of presenting information that used to be printed on brochures at one time (unless there’s something interactive about your website, like a forum). Whatever goes on your website has to be appealing, well-written, informative, and to the point. You only need to even think of designing a website once you have a bunch of material that your customers need to know about that follows all these principles.

When the world learned that the iPad would never support Flash, everyone certainly was a little taken aback wondering how any device could claim to bring the Internet to the average consumer without Flash. But for those who have really despaired for the cause of small business web design with its over-reliance on Flash, the thought that someone might actually strike a blow against it has been a little satisfying. Small business web design needs to be all about getting on the first page on Google and in making information easily accessible once a visitor actually gets on the website. It isn’t about wasting time playing pretty presentations. The website of a major motion picture or videogame might get away with the kind of theatrics that some small business web design examples demonstrate. They don’t really look the part when a small business tries it.

Another time waster that small business web design often includes is the incredibly silly welcome page. A person clicking on the link to go to a website has already shown that he is willing to visit. What could possibly be the reasoning behind a screen that just says Welcome and a link that asks you to “Click to Enter”? All of this just shows us that the small businessman doesn’t really understand his business, often. He needs to see that customers are always aching to leave for the competition. No one should delay reeling a customer in with fancy Welcome pages.


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