The Creativity Checklist: The 11 Step System That Instantly Pulls Million Dollar Ideas Out Of Your Head

Best selling author, and million dollar product creator Tim Castleman walks you through his 11 step system that practically forces million dollar ideas out of your head and in front of those who need them the most.

After struggling for years trying to properly explain his ideas, and despite spending thousands of dollars in group and one on one training and mentoring, Tim still struggled to create products and services for others to successfully use.

Then one night, everything changed. Over the course of an evening this system – built from years of personal experience, high level training, and a successful and growing online business – came to be.

If you’ve ever struggled getting all of those ideas out of your head, this book is for you.

If you’re tired of being overwhelmed, tired of wasting all of your time and energy trying to think of the “next big thing” this book is for you.

When you get done reading the creativity checklist and see the power of this 11 step system your business will never be the same.

When you’re finished you’ll be able to ….

- No longer struggle with capturing ideas and you’ll be able to instantly explain them to anyone you desire

- See how your story and your struggle can actually be a good thing when trying to help others

- See how to use the power of 3rd party data and your biggest fans to your advantage

- See how you can instantly add 20% to your bottom line and make more money than you currently think possible

- Secretly spy on your competition and learn how to out perform, out market, and over run them in the process

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3 Responses to The Creativity Checklist: The 11 Step System That Instantly Pulls Million Dollar Ideas Out Of Your Head

  1. Arkad says:

    Warning – Scam I initially wrote a very negative review about this book. The author complained in the comment section. I edited my review and softened it a bit, but I still stand by it. You can read the edited review at the end of this text but before that I made an interesting discovery that explains a lot.I did some research on the author and what I found is not far from a scam. He sells some sort of product, called KDOutsourcing or Rolodex, which should help you to make money with Kindle books you publish yourself. He claims that he can help you outsource everything and that you can write a bestseller in less than 6 hours. This book will then generate passive income for you, all you need to do is buy his product. Here are some features of Rolodex:> You don’t need to be a writer to make money of Kindle books, you hire someone. He isn’t even a writer himself but had someone write if for him. The Rolodex has a list of ghostwriters.> It doesn’t matter what you write about. Yep, I can confirm that, the book is nothing but trivial nonsense.> The title has to be good and fall in a popular category, everything else doesn’t matter. Obviously his book has a name with ‘creativity’ in it, which is one of the most popular keywords. Probably the whole title is streamlined to cover as many important keywords as possible, like ‘checklist’, ‘system’, ‘million’, ‘dollar’ and ‘ideas’. The rationale is that in these popular categories, like creativity, there are so many buyers that even if only a small fraction of buyers fall for it, there are enough to generate some money from it. That’s what bothered me from the beginning. The title is so generic and had nothing to do with the content.> Of course there is also something like search engine optimization for books on Amazon as well as Google. This has to do with the keywords and the reviews of the book. He helps you to appear on top of these lists so that the likelihood is even higher that you trick people.> The cover of the book looks appealing and that is, as expected, no coincidence. The author’s product has of course some experts to outsource this too. A nice cover will do miracles, or as he writes in his brochure: ‘I know people that are making three times the monthly income from changing their cover.’> The length of the book doesn’t matter, according to his Rolodex. In his response to me the author said that he is such a busy businessman that he doesn’t have time for a longer book. Maybe next time he should pay his ghostwriter a little more so that he actually writes a proper book.> The real beauty comes with the reviews. I initially claimed that they were fake because of their timing (113 reviews within 3 days, almost only 5 stars) but that is not really the case since they were all verified purchases. I then thought those were friends and people that just did him a favor, but no. As the author correctly writes in his Rolodex brochure, fake reviews can get you banned. That is why he has a trick to get real reviews quickly. He just gives the book away for free for the first couple of days. Those are then counted as verified purchases. His rolodex then helps you to generate many ‘real’ reviews.When you see the brochure for his rolodex, it almost screams SCAM. You don’t need to be an author, you just need to buy his product. Then you can make them write a super-short, meaningless book for you, have someone make a nice cover for it and give the book a popular title that will trick as many people as possible. Finally, you give the book away for free and generate reviews.This is how the guy describes himself: “most efficient 6-figure marketer in the world (and by ‘efficient’ I mean I like to make the most amount of money with the least amount of work… heh heh)”He claims that with his sensational product, he can help you to kick-start your Kindle Empire so that all you need to do is count your money. Maybe this is even legal but it is definitely not right. Tricking people into buying a well-advertised but essentially nonsense book is not right. And trying to get people to buy into a dubious scheme that would even multiply that is definitely not right. It hurts Amazon, the readers and other authors.Sorry Mr Castleman, but that had to be said.One interesting thing I found on Castlemans website: I am sure it is a scam___________________edited review:I don’t like the book because1. The title is misleading.2. The content is not worthy of a book.3. The sensational writing style is annoying.First of all, the title of the book is highly misleading. When you read about the “creativity checklist that allows me to pull out million-dollar ideas out of my head”, you would expect that the book provides information on how to come up with ideas. But…

  2. Laura Childs "" says:

    Put Your Idea Brain In Check, Focus on Concepts that Fit Your Criteria, and Stay on Track 0

  3. Douglas Hammett says:

    Question your way to Creativity 0

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