Solid Tips To Lower Your Bounce Rate

If you have been struggling with your internet marketing blog, then you have to stand back and take a serious look at what is wrong.

You can point to more than one factor that is responsible for a sticky blog which is what you want. So if you know about blogging, then you know that a terrific bounce rate is a very good thing. Before you can positively impact your bounce rate, you first have to learn what your options are.

You always want a theme that is the best suited for your blog and niche. It is great when the theme is right, and it is nightmarish when it is wrong. The question of theme is really very important because it can give people an immediate awful feeling. Maybe the one important point is it must match your niche and the theme of the blog. Align your needs with what the theme has in it such as SEO and other considerations.

If you are not currently using any form of visitor tracking, then you have to change that and get something in there.

One thing you can do is see where people are coming from, and you can see if they leave right away. Your basic aim here is to focus on those sites that actually send you traffic that doesn’t lead to a high bounce rate. Poorly performing pages can be identified from the bounce rate that you can get from the tracking apps.

When you have a good navigation structure with relevant internal links, then that adds to the experience. Actually, there should not be any debate about this since this has been used by major blogs for years. Get yourself the plugin that will populate your content with in-line links to other pages on your blog. A healthy amount of in-line links within your content will keep people on your blog and thus lower your bounce rate. Becoming familiar with the bounce rate of your blog is one of the smartest moves you can make. Also, once you really know what your niche market wants, then of course it is a lot easier to give it to them. There is really no need to rush things, and be careful about making too many major changes on your blog. By lowering the bounce rate, you will be able to get the most out of your blog in the long run.

So if you are into facebook marketing, with the above tips, you can not go wrong.

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