Self-Publishing Made Easy: How To Promote Your eBook With Facebook: (Free Bonus…150 Laser Target Websites and Facebook Groups to increase your eBook sales)

Are you a self-publisher and struggling on getting more sales for your kindle books? With Self-Publishing Made Easy you can learn how to use Facebook Marketing Secrets that the professionals are using Today! And increase your sales immediately and for FREE! Get noticed NOW!

Not only you will gain authority and credibility with website traffic by promoting your business, you will consequently increase your sales! Get your brand noticed today by using Facebook Marketing!

How to Promote your eBook with Facebook shows you how effective Facebook Marketing can be, with proven steps, the right software, and strategies on how to use Self-Publishing made Easy for Facebook marketing strategies to promote your business and boost your sales.

Social media has taken the world and business should acknowledge the fact that this is one of the most powerful marketing tools nowadays to reach more clients and have greater conversions.

With over a billion users, Facebook is the largest and most popular online platform in the world today and it is certainly the best place to advertise your business or brand, think about the great potential that is in your hands when you launch your kindle book campaign using Facebook Marketing and you can do it for FREE. There is no need of expensive marketing outsourcing when you are on a limited budget. What I have to show you it’s free, easy to set up and to follow up.

Reading How to Promote your eBook with Facebook you will get to know how Facebook Marketing is a perfect social media marketing tool.

Here is a preview of what you will learn with Self-Publishing Made Easy…

  • How do I close more deals and make more money?
  • What Is Facebook Marketing for a self-publisher?
  • Reasons Why You Should Use Facebook to Promote Your Business
  • How to use Facebook for Marketing and Promotion
  • Tools for Effective Facebook Advertising
  • How to use emails for Facebook for Marketing
  • 150 Laser Target Facebook Groups and Websites to start promotions with tools given inside this book
  • Attracting Your Target Audience and build a list, and hit #1 best seller
  • Additional tips: How to reach more people with twitter (Including 110 @usernames related with books, eBooks and books promotions)…And much more…

Learn the secrets to a successful business today by using Facebook to gain more sales and traffic NOW

Bonus: 150 Facebook Groups and Websites laser target to avid readers, book fans, and other authors.

This book is available for a special price for a limited time only, get your copy today!

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