Online Marketing Strategy: How to Get the Best Results in Your Marketing Campaigns (Tu Business Coach Productivity Series Book 4)

Why did I write this book about Marketing?

The goal of this marketing book is to provide you with the tools to update, or create for the first time, your marketing strategy. It is focused on the online world, although, if you change the online tools for physical tools, it is as useful for the offline world.

Many times we hear things and we read many blogs that tell us we should be doing this or that, but most of the times there is no strategy behind it, they are just techniques. Techniques that, if you are part of a strategy, can be very effective; but, without a strategy backing those techniques, we will be running frantically and with no direction like a chicken without a head. And then we will ask ourselves why we are not successful…

My goal by writing this marketing book is for you to:

• Make your clients choose you over your competition

• Create irresistible offers

• Know your clients and their needs better

• Understand that marketing is about appealing, not about convincing

Before start reading, think of what it would mean for you to be able to improve (or create) your marketing strategy. Would you be more effective at getting clients? Would you get better results? Would you be able to make them understand your message and your product/service better? Would it improve your relationships with your clients? What impact would it have in your business?

If, after having answered all of these questions, you are still interested, congratulations! You are taking the first step to change. And remember, as Dan Sullivan says, ¨all progress starts by telling the truth¨. If you want to read this book is because you think there is a possibility to improve your marketing skills. Once you recognize this, you can keep going on, and read, and applying this book.

The outcomes you are going to get after reading this book are:

• How to create your marketing plan

• How to find your key differentiators

• How to study your market

• How to use change in your favor

• How to update your online strategy

• How to find a sub-niche

• How to express your personality in your marketing

Before you start reading this book, think (and write down on paper, if you can) what is it that you want to get from this book.

You need to establish goals for this book and decide what do you want to learn from this material. By realizing what you want before you start reading, your mind is going to focus on finding the answers to those questions; and it will be much easier to notice the important information once you see it.

Just ask yourself these two questions before you start reading:

• Why am I reading this book?

• What is it that I want to learn from this book?

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