Money from Better Dental Website Conversion Rates

It’s not that people don’t care about their dentist office website conversion rates. It’s just that every method that they hear about tends to involve extensive testing. What do you do if you don’t have the time or the resources to do this kind of thing? Is there a way to improve your conversion rate if you don’t test? Well, here are a few.

Let’s say that your dental office, like most other Mount Pleasant dentist websites and info, depends in great part on robust e-mail marketing. So how do you go about it? Do you have it set up so that your e-mail marketing push goes out, say, twice a month? Perhaps your setup should be a bit more flexible – perhaps you should set things up so that any time a person signs up on your website, they get all the recent dentist e-mails that they’ve missed. Of course, if you sent out a whole slew from the past three months, you’d come off looking like a spammer. Instead, just send them a couple of e-mails from the past week; and then set it up so that they get an e-mail three days later asking if they’re happy with their experience with your website. You could also give them the choice to unsubscribe if they aren’t happy. This impresses people greatly, and actually makes them want to express their happiness with your dental practice website by making a teeth cleaning appointment.

It can happen to the best dentistry websites – some links lead nowhere, pictures don’t load properly sometimes, and some links appear broken. Any time a website visitor comes up against a 404 error, that’s one potential customer lost. The problem is, analytics packages don’t reliably tell you about all these. Just about the best way you have a of giving your website conversion rates a boost would be to make sure that all of these dead ends and problems are ironed out. Actually, for a bit of quick help locating all those 404 problems, make sure that you try using Google Webmaster Central.

Some dentist websites are just not quite dynamic – they have a large and oft-updated database that they use. If this is the case with your Mt Pleasant, SC dental office website, you should keep a close watch on the times when the user comes up against a less-than-functional page. Have you ever run up against a retail website where under some categories, they just say “zero products found”? You don’t want that happening to your website. It wastes the visitor’s time and it can be a cause of poor website conversion rates.

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