Kindle Book Marketing That Doesn’t Suck: Strategies that Top Authors Use to Sell Non-Fiction eBooks on Amazon

Attention Nonfiction Kindle Authors and Publishers:

Here Are Proven Strategies to Help You Sell More eBooks

Have you ever wondered why bestselling Kindle authors are selling eBooks so well? The answer isn’t that they are lucky, but it lies in the strategies that they use.

As you might already have noticed, the Kindle publishing game has changed in the last couple of years. It’s tough to sell eBooks using only the same methods from years ago. BUT the good news is, there’s something you can do to increase sales.

I’ve been studying top bestsellers from a variety of niches for years. I’ve tried many strategies, and I’ve discovered that there are certain strategies that generate the most sales. This book isn’t packed with fluff content and epic theory that you can’t use. It’s comprised of strategies that will help you get results.

INSIDE: KINDLE BOOK MARKETING THAT DOESN’T SUCK—Strategies that Top Authors Use to Sell Nonfiction eBooks on Amazon

Here’s an example of what you’re going to discover inside the book:

  • A framework to select the right categories for your books
  • How to create eye-catching book covers that will fly off the shelf
  • Unique tips to create interest in your book
  • Book promotion– what’s currently working? And how to maximize the results of free-day promotions and promotional discounts
  • The secret to pricing your Kindle books (Note: it’s not $2.99 or $0.99)
  • How to craft a book description that sells
  • 8 long-term strategies to success in Kindle publishing
  • The most productive ways to get more reviews
  • Why having an author platform is important to sell more books, and how to build it fast
  • How to outsource and automate the promotion process
  • And much more…

You don’t need magical techniques to get massive sales. Instead, simply use what’s working right now in the market. Download the book now, and move your Kindle publishing business to the next level, before someone else does!

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