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What is list building? Simply put, it is the process of creating a mailing list that should consist of leads and potential buyers for products.Why is list building important? That’s pretty simple too: because it gives you the most direct and flexible means of contacting your audience of any form of marketing.
If you think that sounds like a rather lofty claim, then you only need to check with any well-known blogger or affiliate marketer. Almost all of them will unanimously tell you that their mailing list is their single most valuable tool when it comes to making sales.And it goes beyond digital marketing too: list building is just as important for real world businesses that use these lists for telesales, for selling advertising space, for creating new leads and more.It stands to reason that this should be the case as well when you consider the unique benefits of a mailing list.For starters, building a list means that you are circumventing a third party. This is very important, as when you build ‘likes’ on Facebook or followers on Twitter, you are ultimately going to be reliant on Facebook and Twitter respectively when it comes to reaching your audience. It only requires those platforms to alter their policies and you can immediately lose access to the audience you’ve built. And if you think that sounds farfet ched or unlikely, then keep in mind that Facebook only recently did exactly that, meaning that a post to your Facebook page will now only reach 10% of the audience you’v epainstakingly built. It’s also not unheard of for Facebook pages to simply disappear without explanation. The same risks of course exist with Twitter and Facebook and there’s no guarantee that these networks will even be around for the long term. E-mail on the other hand has been around since the dawn of the internet and it is showing no signs of slowing down. 91% of web users consume their e-mail at least once a day and the vast majority of us will check our e-mails multiple times a day. Not everyone has Facebook and not everyone has Twitter but everyone has e-mail and you actually need an e-mail address to set up any of those other accounts.Likewise, e-mail marketing gives you direct access to your audience in a very personal setting. You are messaging them directly in their inbox along with messages from their friends and their colleagues. What’s more, you’ll be able to reach them at any time of day and they’ll receive your message on their mobile wherever they are. 7 There’s one even bigger factor that makes e-mail marketing so powerful though: and that’s the simple fact that your audience have given you express permission to contact
them. By signing up to your mailing list and providing their details, they are essentially telling you to go ahead and message them with your content and this is an incredibly powerful psychological tool.

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