Internet Marketing

Siegel offers a comprehensive textbook – complemented by extensive online support – for the fastest growing section of the marketing curriculum. Complete integration of print and Web components allows the accompanying site to act as an extension of the text. Interactive cases, project-based activities and new content is regularly updated by the author. Siegel’s aim is to take advantage of the current lack of comprehensive, market focused product offerings in this area. “Internet Marketing” offers separate chapters on Legal and International e-marketing issues, B2C and B2B marketing models and on Implementing a Web Marketing Plan, including writing and designing of Web content. Most importantly, “Internet Marketing” has the strongest online support in the market with interactive marketing cases and other project-based learning activities for students, regular text content updates from the author and an on-line IRM focusing on teaching tips and content change management. The author writes both the IRM and test bank.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    After a good deal of searching, I selected this book for my classes in Online Advertising and Marketing. In spite of the shifting and hazy nature of the subject, the material is very up-to-date and organized. Siegel has obviously had a lot of practice presenting this material. She got it onto the page.

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