Internet Business Shortcuts: Make Decent Money Online without Taking Years to Get There

It Takes Too Long

Want to make money from your pajamas? Quit your job and travel the world with a successful internet business? Give your boss an enema with those TPO reports? Well sure you do. Everyone wants to make some money online, and making enough to be able to throw your alarm clock off of a tall building without remorse is the new American dream. But there’s a problem that most don’t want to face–it can take an eternity. And no one wants to quit their job and travel the world five to ten years from now. You want to do it by no later than yesterday!

It Took Me Nearly 7 Years!

When I say it can take an eternity to make a respectable income online–enough to escape the rat race permanently–I know it first hand. It took me nearly SEVEN years to reach a comfy $100,000 per year. Sadly, it didn’t have to. Once I figured out what worked, it didn’t take much time at all! Simply put, if you do the wrong things to build your online business, you may never reach that point. If you do the right things, however, it should only take you 6-12 months.

Learn the Internet Business Shortcuts

Internet Business Shortcuts contains my top 10 strategies for reaching that point of “quit your day job” success. These are not tricks I learned by reading some cheesy business “hack” books. This stuff comes straight from the trenches, and the lessons I learned almost always came the hard way–by making mistakes–or by pure accident.

Inside you’ll find:

1. Why I got absolutely nowhere in my first three years, and the tragic mistakes I made that resulted in such an epic failure.

2. The first little shortcut I fell into by accident, which took me from $300/month to $2,000 in just 30 days.

3. How I built three profitable online business in 2014 with very little startup money or outside help.

4. An extensive toolkit to help you expedite your success online, so you don’t take as long to get there as I did!

5. Coarse, crude, off-the-wall humor that includes repeated mentions of my genitalia.

All that for just a “buck.” I can absolutely guarantee that you’ll earn more than the 99 cents you spend acquiring this badboy. More importantly, if you have any interest in internet business at all, it will be worth your time to read.

Read Internet Business Shortcuts today and join the growing army of full-time pajama-wearing workforce escapees.

Available on Kindle. Also available in paperback and audiobook.

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