How to make money on Songkran 2014 day

Most of the bloggers are take it for granted that 31 December and or 1st January 1 is the “real” New Years Day for making big money.

However, there are some “Traditional or Religion” new year that can make you huge money as well. As example, the Chinese New Year, Thai New Year, Muslims new year, Hindu New Year, Buddist new year, etc.

Now we are talking about Songkran, or Thai traditional new year.

If you never heard about SONGKRAN before, this a kind of traditional new year that’s celebrated by Thai People, and considered as the biggest event in Thailand every year. Millions of thai people, Cambodia, Laos and Burma are celebrating the 3 days New Year holidays of Songkran. What Songkran lacks in epic firework displays. Songkran is also wellknown as water fight festival where among some countries above then Thailand will be the wettest of them all.

How can we make money on the songkran day? Base on the Thailand’s tourism department, this festival was attracting hundreds thousands of visitors from all over the world to come to Thailand.

Hence you can promote anything about Thailand that related to Songkran, as example books, maps, hotels, etc on your blog or website.

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