How I Made $10 Million From Internet Affiliate Marketing

This is the compelling story of a man and his life-journey. Every bit as suspenseful as it is informative. An outrageous rags-to-riches story of a high school dropout who earned over a million dollars from affiliate marketing by the time he was twenty, and then moved on to launch a separate business to compete against Yahoo.

All for not when his trusted business partner screws him over – Losing all access to his websites, taking his business partner to court, and eventually having to declare bankruptcy – Antoine then proceeds to start from scratch.

Eventually, he developed a technique of search engine optimization that lead to riches. With this fresh start he made millions more and relocated to a tropical paradise. He bought an ocean-front property and never had to pay another cent of income tax.

Discover preposterous anecdotes like how he earned over $5000 a month from an idea that took less than five minutes to implement. Also learn how he capitalized on being lazy and outsourced everything.

This is the ultimate tale of making it rich, losing it all to a swindle, winning it all back, getting stiffed by the government, only to prevail and achieve your dreams.

This inspiring and practical start your own business guide shows readers how to stop dreaming of a better life and start living it! Learn advance internet marketing SEO secrets along with which affiliate programs can make YOU rich!

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2 Responses to How I Made $10 Million From Internet Affiliate Marketing

  1. Angel Marin says:

    Does not talk much about affiliate marketing This book talks more about his life, ambitions, and that he does not really like to put too much work into his endeavors. Not much information about improving your websites to improve conversion rates. I would not recommend this book for reading.

  2. Ron Underhill says:

    Interesting read to see how he does it for sure. I started reading and before I realized it was 2 am when I finished it.For someone located in such a remote part of the world (Northern Canada) to accomplish such a featand live happily ever after in paradise is amazing. The book should be read as a how to guide as well.Antoine Walker did a good job telling his story. Enjoy this book. Idid

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