Funky Shark Penny Auction

Funky Shark is a new Penny Auction. Funky Shark also offers a business opportunity. A Penny Auction is an exciting and entertaining way to shop for products and pay 95-98% off retail value.


Funky Shark passive profit share opportunity pays 50% of the profits from every auction to members like you in Funky Shark!

Different products go live in the auctions throughout each day. To bid on these products you need to buy bids. It’s kind of like buying tickets to ride the Ferris Wheel. If you run out of bids and want to keep bidding you can easily buy more. Bids are sold in packs. The bigger the pack, the cheaper the cost per bid. Prices per bid range between $0.70 – $1.

The starting price of an item in a new auction is $0.00. If you place a bid on that item the price jumps to $0.01. Place another bid and price goes to $0.02. If the timer hits 0:00 because no one else has bid, you would win the item for $0.02.

Say you bought our largest bid pack, meaning your cost per bid is 70 cents. You won a $50 Gift Card auction for $0.02 by using two 70 cent bids. So your total cost for the item is $1.42 ($1.40 worth of bids and $0.02 for the won item) plus shipping.

The timer on an auction usually starts at 3-6 hours and begins counting down the moment an auction goes live. Every time a bid is placed on an auction 8-10 seconds is added back on the timer. So the timer reaches 0:00 and the auction ends only as a result of no new bids coming in.

Again, the final person to place a bid on the auction wins the item. The auction winner then has 7 days to collect their won item by paying any associated shipping and handling fees. UPS and FedEx are used for shipping. Uncollected items are forfeited after 7 days.

Funky Shark is…

A penny auction with a unique business opportunity attached to it.

There’s more than one penny auction opportunity online these days. You have probably seen at least one. Some are great. Some are just ok. Some you should avoid like the plague because they are nothing more than money games that will not last.

Regardless, none of them are offering a way for you to make this kind of Real, Longterm, Sustainable, Passive money from Company auction profits.

Absolutely no one is doing what Funky Shark is doing!

Not only are we paying you a substantial one time finders fee for bringing new members to Funky Shark, but we’re also…

Paying you a monthly residual income every time your personal members renew their membership. And we’re…

Paying you a percentage of your personal members bid pack purchases. And we’re…

Paying you massive percentage of the retail value of every item your personal members win in the penny auctions. And we’re…

Paying you a percentage of our company wide profits that result from the penny auctions.

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