Digitally Enhanced: How To Enhance Your Web Presence To Attract More Of Your Ideal Clients

Digitally Enhanced gives a powerful framework for establishing your reputation online and building a web presence that quickly connects you with your ideal clients.

“Stop what you’re doing, read this book and lose your limiting beliefs around marketing yourself or your business online. Forever.” – TIM REID, host of the “Small Business Big Marketing Show”, Australia’s #1 marketing podcast

If you are a “corporate escapee” becoming a consultant, coach, speaker, or simply starting your own business – if you need to gain more clients quickly without spending all your time on marketing and sales – then this book is for you.

Digitally Enhanced meets the demand for simple, practical advice for consultants and professional service providers on how to leverage their expertise into a successful business.

The way we communicate is changing immensely thanks to the evolution of the web and social media, and right now the opportunity exists to spread your message in ways never before possible.

Business people that position themselves as leaders online can have unprecedented influence and authority within their niche. However, many experts don’t understand the practical steps they need to take to build and maintain their business in the ever-changing online landscape.

Using the simple concept of the “Digital Impact Blueprint”, James Crook is able to show business owners how to identify the most important things for them to do next online in order to be most effective – and how a strategic, holistic approach to online marketing ensures success.

By utilising tools including niche positioning, web design, landing pages, email, social media, advertising and SEO for Google, James shows you how to create and publish authority content, quickly and easily, to attract more of your ideal clients.

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  1. Amazon Customer says:

    No longer do I feel like I am drowning trying to get my head around … 0

  2. Amazon Customer says:

    It provides great insight into building your profile and presence online 0

  3. Dallas says:

    I’ve followed James online for a year or so now … 0

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