Amazing Way to Earn Legit Money Online!

50% of ALL OF THE COMPANY’S PROFITS will be paid directly to members …


This is 100% PASSIVE income, and we all share in that.

Funky Shark is one of the BEST opportunities I have seen open in a LONG time!

Here are some reasons why you should JOIN my team. I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with more reasons!

1. Passive Income — everyone loves being able to make money for doing nothing. With Funky Shark, you can do just that. It amazes me how much they are going to be paying.

2. Automated — Once someone visits your Funky Shark website, they will be in the system. The Funky Shark system will sell to them. You won’t have to do anything.

3. Awesome Payplan — Funky Shark is paying fast starts, matching fast starts, residual, matching residual, bonuses, company pools, etc. The sky of the limit here.

4. Price Most People Can Afford — Funky Shark is only going to cost $14.95 monthly to be a fully-paid member. That is awesome! Most people can afford that, so we are expecting a lot of people to join over the coming months.

5. Optional $500 Commissions — You heard me right. Funky Shark is going to give ALL of us the option to be PART OWNER and make $500 commissions. Now THAT is a great incentive to me! Not only can I make fast start bonuses and monthly residual, I can also make $500 commissions as more and more founders join. Make sure you click on founder at the top of the member area once you sign up. There is a really great video there where the owner, Scott Wacker, explains exactly what people get as a founder. It’s actually being part owner of Funky Shark, which is likely to be a very good thing — more passive cash paid to founders on a regular basis, too.

6. Popular Product — Once you visit Funky Shark, you’ll see what I mean. This is something many are wanting to be a part of.

7. Trusted Admin — Funky Shark is run by Scott Wacker. Scott is one of the most trusted admins in the business today. He always pays, and he always pays on time. I have made thousands in Scott’s businesses. He is always dependable.

8. Global — No matter where you live, you can join Funky Shark and make money daily.

9. Spillover — Not only will you be able to earn passively with the company money pools, you will also be able to get spillover from those above and spill under from those below you. Spillover always helps in creating an income with any business, so this is a great plus.


I think you should check this out!

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